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Lifeguard Chair Mailboxes

Our most popular item is the

Lifeguard Chair Mailbox ($450) 

(Tax and Concrete Pad are included)

General Information

  • The Lifeguard Chair Mailboxes are made of sturdy pressure treated lumber 

  • Assembled with stainless steel screws 

  • All joints and screw holes are caulked and filled in. 

  • Total of 4-5 coats of paint - Two coats of primer, 2-3 coats of high gloss paint 

  • Choice of a white or black plastic mailbox 


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Dimensions and Weight - Lifeguard Chair Mailbox - 56” tall x 20” wide, weighs roughly 60 lb.

Concrete Pad - 24” x 30’, weighs 160 lb.

Total weight 220 lbs.

Lifeguard Chair MAILBOXES 1.jpg

Color - You can choose a color or Dunavant Decor can match your house color if you have the:

  1. color code

  2. brand of paint  


Cutout - Dunavant Decor has a list of templates on the website for you to choose, or you can request your own cutout.  (Your house numbers can also be added to the top step). 


Concrete Pad (included in the price)  - is made up of 2 bags of concrete and your chair is attached with 4 brackets. Please call for adjusted pricing if you do not want a pad.


Production time - is roughly 7-8  weeks to complete pending the weather and backlog. 


Delivery - Local delivery and installation (the Jacksonville Beaches) is free at this time, but subject to change.  Please call to verify.


Dunavant Decor charges $100 to deliver up to 100 miles outside of the Jacksonville Beaches area.  Please call to make arrangements.


Pick-up - Local Jacksonville Beach pickups are welcome.  Please call to make arrangements. 

Payment - All custom orders are paid in full before work begins. 



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Lifeguard Chair MAILBOX Pricing

Lifeguard Chair

Mailbox (Single)

Standard Size

Lifeguard Chair

Mailbox (Single)

Large Size

Lifeguard Chair

Mailbox (Double)

Standard Size

Lifeguard Chair

Mailbox (Triple)

Standard Size

Lifeguard Chair


Seat Box







Lifeguard Chair MAILBOX Gallery

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