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Do you only make lifeguard chairs?


No way! At Dunvant Decor we cater to your needs, whether they are big or small. We encourage you to contact us to we can arrange a one-on-one appointment with us so we can get started making your custom piece.


What color options do I have?


Every piece is custom so every color is hand picked by you! Not sure what you are looking for? We can help by bringing some color and design suggestions for you, but really the options are limitless. 


I love your stuff, but I am don't live in Jacksonville. Help!


Well isn't that unfortunate! Not to worry, we can stil provide custom products to you too. Please contact us so we can start working out the logistics of your order. Most of the large products are available for custom shipment within North Florida, all of the small custom products are available to be shipped throughout the United States. but we must remind, you every order is one-of-a-kind to each individual. 


I have a question it's not on here....


No worries! Shoot us an email, phone call, Facebook message, smoke signal, really anything and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


You guys are awesome! How can I leave you a raving review?


I know right?! Give us a great review on Facebook here, submit a testimonial here or just go tell your friends. After all, the best form of flattery is a referral!

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